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Wood/alu Daylight (slim frames)


The best insulation in the market and plenty of daylight in your house. Outline Daylight is manufactured with Wood/Aluminium on the outside, which ensures minimal maintenance and with beautiful wood on the inside. Daylight is designed with ultra-narrow window frames.

The overall frame structure is only 65 mm, providing a stylish look and much more daylight in your home. In addition, Daylight elements have the best insulation in the market with a U-value of only 0.68 W/m2K.

Plenty of daylight

The Wood/Alu Daylight window is built for letting in as much daylight as possible in your house. The narrow aluminium profiles allow up 8% extra daylight in your homes compared to traditional windows with both frame as sash. The window profil is only 65 mm wide, giving a streamlined, contemporary look to your house.

Traditional window

Daylight window - up to 8% more daylight

Daylight double glazing

Daylight double glazing

Daylight triple glazing

Daylight triple glazing

Let the light into your home

Modern homes require light and open spaces, and more and more homes are being built or refurbished, with focus on increasing the light and thereby making the rooms more inviting. The Daylight series is a perfect fit for this purpose as they provide up to 8% more light compared to conventional windows.

The modern design of the Wood/Aluminium Daylight windows with clean, slim lines is perfect for new constructions, but are also suitable for renovation projects where older windows with wide frames and poor insulating capacities are to be replaced with first class energy windows that provide plenty of light. The Daylight window is developed with espagnolette for top guided with adjustable mushroom hooks  and safety keepers, making burglary very difficult.

You can benefit from complementing your new Daylight energy windows with with wood/alu doors. This ensures that the heat does not escape through windows or doors.