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Accessories doors

Facadedør Og Vinduer

Accessories doors

We offer a wide selection of accessories to complete the look of your door from Outline. Look for fittings, handles, colours ad much more to tailor your door to your home.


Complete your doors with handles and cylinders from Outline

Give your windows a personal touch to suit your style of home. Choose the handle that suits your taste and need for functionality, among our wide range of quality handles for front doors, patio doors, folding doors and raising sliding doors etc.

Exterior doors from Outline as standard are delivered as standard without handle - so be sure to order your handle if you require it. We can also offer to install handles and cylinders straight from the factory - ready to use. Contact us or the nearest vendor to find out more about the options.

Facadedørsgreb Tokyo
Handle for exterior door Tokyo

Additional purchase. Not included as standard. Also available in black at a small extra charge. 

Facadedøtsgreb Stockholm
Handle for exterior door Stockholm

Additional purchase. Not included as standard.

Facadedørsgreb Victoria
Handle for exterior door Vitoria

Additional purchase. Not included as standard. Also available in brass color. 

Long plate

Exterior door handle fitted on a back plate. Additional purchase. Not included as standard.

Yale Doorman Digital Lås
Yale doorman - digital lock

Additional purchase.

Terrassedørsgreb Standard
Patio door handle - standard

Fitted as standard in matt alu on patio doors. Also available in white and black at a small extra charge. 

Terrassedørsgreb Med Cylinder
Patio door handle with cylinder

Additional purchase.

Terrssedørsgreb Med Spærre
Patio door handle with restrictor

Additional purchase.

Terrassedørsgreb Med Lås
Patio door handle with lock

Patio door handler with lock (Hoppe 93S). Additional purchase.

Vinduesgreb Med Nøgle
Patio door handle with key

Mat alu patio door handle with key.
Additional purchase.

Kodegreb Ny Redigeret Til Hjemmesiden
Code Handle for Patio door

Additional purchase.

Op Kvadratisk
Handle for sliding doors

Fitted as standard on sliding doors. Also available in black at a small extra charge. 


With Outline’s wide selection of high-quality hinges and brackets, you are free to customize your doors to fit your functionality needs.

Security block

Secures the door from opening if the hinges are destroyed. Additional purchase.

Stay arm

Adjustable friction brakes make it possible to fix the door sashes in the desired position. The friction brake cannot fix the sash in strong wind. Additional purchase.

Grebsbetjent Fiktionsbremse
Fiction brake

Standard mount with espagnolette handle on patio doors. When the sash is open and the handle is closed, the sash locks in the desired position. The brake cannot fix the sash in strong wind.

Justerbart Dør Hængsel
Security door hinge - Adjustable

Door hinge with inclined screws that make it difficult for a burglar to break in. Adjustable. Supplied as standard.

Dørhængsel Udefra
Security door hinge - Adjustable (from outside)

Supplied as standard with Zinc-Nickel treated matte grey. 

Dørhængsel M. Stor Udladning
Wide throw hinges

Wide throw hinges are used when you need extra clearance behind a door - typically a door that opens 180 dgr. Additional purchase.

Sikkerhedsslutblik Til Fallerigle
Security strike plate for latch deadlock

Adjustable security strike plate for exterior doors. Supplied as standard for doors with latch deadlock.

Sikkerhedsslutblik Til Hageklove
Security strike plate for hook bolts

Adjustable strike plate with inclined screws for exterior doors and patio doors. Supplied as standard for doors with hook bolts.


Here you will find accessories produced exclusiely for the Daylight-series. Wether you are looking for bars or handles, you can find it here and tailor the windows for your needs.

Daylight Aflåseligt Greb
Handle with lock

Handle with lock can be added at additional costs. Also available in black at a small extra charge. 

Daylight Fingergreb+Snaplås
Finger handle

The finger handle can be combined with a snap-lock.
(see snap-lock below)


Choose between thresholds made of hardwood or fiberglass

At Outline, we offer a wide selection of thresholds made of both hardwood and fiberglass – all original door steps fit Outline doors. Choose the type that matches your home’s style.

Fiberglass threshold

Low bottom step, 25 mm - energy-optimized and durable.

Hardwood threshold

Oiled hardwood threshold. 

Bundtrin EG
Oak wood threshold

Oiled oak wood threshold. Max length 2,198 mm Can not be delivered with sliding doors and folding doors.

Aluminium cover

Aluminium cover especially adapted to Outline’s thresholds. Protects the threshold during the construction phase.


Design your doors so it fits the house architechture

Choose the type of panels that fit your house.

Friset (1)
Raised panels
Flush panels
Lodret V Spor


Glat ALU
Flush alu
Friset (2)
Raised alu
Sporet Alu
Sporet alu U-routers alu


Design the door that matches your needs and your house

Below you will find accessories to tailor your door to your house and your requirements for style, function and security.

Klik Ventil
Click vent

Click vents can be mounted hidden in all outgoing windows so basic ventilation can be done without opening the window. Available in white/white, black/black and aluminium/aluminium. Additional purchases. 

Kick plate

Additional purchase.

Spy hole

Additional purchase.

Topstyret Inspiration

Accessories windows

Design your windows with our wide range of accessories.

Read more and see accessories