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Wood windows

Wooden windows are more than just a living material. Wooden windows have the characteristic of creating a healthy indoor climate and at the same time wood windows provides a highly authentic expression. Wooden windows thus appear beautifully, but are also a durable solution that will make you happy with your wooden windows for years to come. In fact, the durability of the windows is so good that we offer a 10 year warranty on our wooden windows.


Tailored wood windows

When you choose Outline windows we tailor the windows according to your requirements, so they fit perfectly to your home.

The window is a 2-glass layer window with energi-efficiency mark B. And with a U-level amounting to 1.30 you get a very sturdy window that is built to resist the harsh Scandinavian weather conditions.

Section Wood 2 Layer Whinge
Wood double glazing
Section Wood 3 Layer
Wood triple glazing
42Mm Uden Kehling
Moderne Profil
Outline Foldedoer 0177


With wooden windows from Outline you can choose the colours you like. We offer a wide selection of standard colours so you can choose the RAL-colour og NCS-colour that suitsa your home.

You can also choose two colours, at a small extra cost. E.g. white on the inside and black or grey on the poutside. You can also choose different glass types, and many other options for accessories.

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10 Aars Garanti

10 years warranty

When choosing Outline you choose quality with 10 years warranty on our window ranges in wood, wood/alu, and the wood/alu Daylight series.

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