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How to measure for replacement windows

When measuring your new windows, we recommend that you make brick-to-brick measurements. It is important that you measure all windows, as measurements may deviate. Measure the window hole size by measuring from brick to brick. Remember to measure in several places so that any deviations or irregularities can be taken into account.
Once you have made your measurements, subtract 2-3 cm from both the width and height, as you will also need space for insulation, foam and joints.

Never base your measurements on the old window size. Take new measurement.

Check out if there are differences when measuring inside and outside. In some homes, the floor level is slightly higher compared to the outdoor area, which causes problems in cases where the door opens inwards.



If you are unsure of how to properly measure up your windows, you may want to contact a proffessional installer who will help you measure up your new windows and, if needed, help you mount your windows and doors properly.