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Outline's BIM-models 

Include all parameters – including exact energy calculations

BIM models gives a full flexibility as based on exact energy calculations you can take into account energy consumption and special consideration for i.e. installation, functionality, indoor climate, etc. which provide a good basis for further planning in relation to the execution/performance.

You can drag the parameters into your own system and hence continue with the planning process. 


With Outline's BIM models, in addition to the usual information, you get many other options, for example:

  • Choice of glass and glass types
  • Sizes (including size limit warnings)
  • Accurate energy calculations (Uw and Eref)
  • Calculation of daylight
  • Mounting depth
  • Opening function
  • Bars 
  • Rescue opening
  • A detailed 3D rendering of your choices
    (can be made in fine, medium or coarse sketching, depending on the desired level of detail.)