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Farve Vifte


Note that colours may vary according to your screen settings.

Standard RAL colours

RAL9010 Ren Hvid
RAL 9010
RAL9001 Creme Hvid
RAL 9001
RAL7016 Antracit Blaa
Anthracite grey
RAL 7016
RAL7035 Lys Graa
Light grey
RAL 7035
RAL9005 Dybsort
Jet black
RAL 9005
NCS S8010 G30Y Umbragroen
Umbra green
NCS S8010-G30Y
NCS S4550 Y80R Svenskroed
Swedish red
NCS S4550-Y80R
RAL5013 Kobolt Blaa
Cobalt blue
RAL 5013
RAL8016 Mahognibrun
Mahogany brown
RAL 8016
RAL6009 Fyrgroen
Fir green
RAL 6009

Glaze colours

We only offer board doors in the colours white and natural. On board doors, natural colour and structural differences must be expected on the veneer of the door plate. TIilt and Turn Window.

Natur Lasur Farve
Inward colours

Sablé colours

Sablé colours are exterior colours that have a "sandblasted" surface and deliver a granite-like and exclusive look. Sablé is available for WOOD/ALUMINIUM, Wood/Aluminium Energy series and the WOOD/ALU Daylight series.

Sable Noir 900
Sablé Noir 900
Exterior sablé
Sable Noir 2100
Sablé Noir 2100
Exterior sablé
Sable Bleu 2600
Sablé Bleu 2600
Exterior sablé
Sable Gris 2900
Sablé Gris 2900
Exterior sablé
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