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The door that matches your house

Looking for a new door? We produce high quality windows and doors for any need. Designed, developed and produced in Jutland, Denmark. Here you will find exactly the door your need to complete your home. No matter if you are looking for exterior doors, patio doors, folding doors or maybe sliding doors, you will find it here.

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Choose doors with or without windows. With a frame door, you can choose the panels and windows in the door itself. In a flush panel door, the door plank consists of an insulated and coated pine tree wood frame, and you can choose to insert a glass section next to or above the door to let light in.

There are many possibilities. Take a look at our City, Nordic, Country or Living door series to see which door is best for your home. You can also download the Door Selector and take a picture of your entrance, insert your favourite door, and then you can quickly get an idea of which door will fit your particular home the best.