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  • Choose the door that suits your window selection and home.
  • Solutions that suit all building types.
  • Choose wood or wood/aluminium frames.
  • Your door can be delivered with a house number (like on the red door).


To make it easier to choose the right door, we have divided our many exterior doors into four style series.

Find the style that matches your home while exploring our many doors.

Take a look at all the doors in the four series in the door selector below.

Outline Nordic

Scandinavian look.

Outline City

City life.

Outline Country

Country idyll.

Outline Living.

Outdoor life and fun.


Single exterior door

Exterior doors as standard are fitted with a cylinder and 3-point locking. The top and bottom locking points are activated when the handle is lifted upwards - ensuring that the door is completely closed tight, and can now be locked. Supplied as standard without a handle.

Double exterior door

The double exterior door is often used as an entranceway in offices, industrial buildings, and institutions. If you use it in your home, it will give an exclusive feel.

Exterior door sections

Exterior door sections are doors that are combined with window sections. You can select them with glass, rails, and panels.

Stable doors

Stable doors are often used in summer cottages and other homes as an exit from the kitchen, laundry room and hallway. The two door halves can be opened separately or as one door.


In addition to our standard colours below, we offer delivery
in virtually all RAL colours for a small surcharge.

See alle colours


Choose doors with or without windows. With a frame door, you can choose the panels and windows in the door itself. In a flush panel door, the door plank consists of an insulated and coated pine tree wood frame, and you can choose to insert a glass section next to or above the door to let light in.

There are many possibilities. Take a look at our City, Nordic, Country or Living door series to see which door is best for your home. You can also download the Door Selector and take a picture of your entrance, insert your favourite door, and then you can quickly get an idea of which door will fit your particular home the best.



What is practical and easy?

Most people do not think about which way their windows and doors open. But it actually makes a big difference in terms of everyday functioning. Get good advice below.

Do you think about how much space there is in the room when you need to open your doors and windows? Or, is there, for example, an eave on your house that the window should not bump into? These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask yourself before you order your new windows and doors. If you, for example, have a small bedroom with a large balcony outside, it is a good idea for your doors to open outwards. This way you will have more space for your bed, cabinets and other furniture so that you can make the most of your square footage.

Write down your selection below – remember the list when you order!
Use the principal drawing above to check room by room whether your new windows and doors should open inwards or outwards, and whether they should be hung to the left or right. You can even make a sketch and write down your choices. Try to think about how you use each room so that you can take into account any special needs.

Quick overview – four practical examples

All the choices are drawn in the drawings, and below we have described each type separately: 


Inside or outside?

The first thing you should consider is whether the outer door should:

- open in the home (called ‘inward-opening’)
- opens outward (called ‘outward-opening’)

When you open outwards, you save space inside the room, but if you have limited space outside the door, it is a good idea to choose an inward-opening door instead so that your family can easily and effortlessly go in and out.

Normally, exterior doors are inward-opening and patio doors are outward-opening.


If you selected an inward-opening door, you have to then choose whether the hinges (seen from the inside) should sit on the right or left side.

If you selected an outward-opening door, you have to similarly choose whether the hinges should sit on the right
or left side – but here, as seen from the outside.
The same principle applies if you need a double door. Start by describing the door where the door handle should be. Describe the opening direction and choose which door should open first.