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Accessories windows

Design your windows and doors exactly the way you want them with our wide range of accessories . Whether you are looking for quality handles, bars or fittings you will find it here. In addition choose the colour that matches your needs.


Anverfer Haspe
Casement fastener

For side hung windows. Supplied as standard as zinc plated. Also available in white. Additional purchase.

Safety casement fastener

To open the hasp, press an extra small button - operate with both hands. Only available as zinc plated. Additional purchase.

Casement Hook

For side hung windows. Supplied as standard as zinc plated. Also available in white. Additional purchase.

Udvendig Stormkrog
Exterior casement hook

For side hung windows. Available in hot-galvanized and white. Additional purchase.
(This solution can only be used with wood windows.)

Casement stay

For top hung windows. Supplied as standard as zinc plated, and is also available in white. Additional purchase.

Window hinge

Suppled as standard with Dacromet-treated matte grey which makes it extra resistant to harsh weather.


Visible safety restrictor

For outward opening windows. Available in zinc plated or white. Additional purchase.

Sikringsbeslag Til Vinduer
Hidden safety restrictor

Hidden brackets for side hung and top guided window sashes. To fully open the window, the hidden safety bracket has to be activated manually. The safety bracket provides extra security against fall damage. Additional purchase.

Security block

Secures the side hung window from opening if the hinges are damaged. Additional purchase.


Friktionsbremse Vinduer Bund
Stay arm

Adjustable friction brakes make it possible to keep the side hung window sash in the desired position. The friction brake cannot fix the sash in strong wind. Additional purchase.

Grebsbetjent Bremse
Friction brake

Standard with window handle on side hung windows. When the window sash is open and the handle is closed, the sash locks in the desired position. The brake cannot fix the sash in strong wind.


Grab the oportunity to complete the look of your windows.

Give your windows a personal touch to suit your style at home. Choose the model that suits your taste and need for functionality, among our wide range of quality handles for windows.

Window handle

Standard handle for top and side guided as well as side hung windows. Matt aluminium. Also available in white and black at a small extra charge.

Vinduesgreb Med Spærre
Window handle with restrictor

With automatic "child safety" that requires both hands for opening. Also available in black at a small extra charge. 

Vinduesgreb Med Nøgle
Window handle with key

Lockable handle. Also available in white at an additional cost. Additional purchase for top and side guided as well as side hung windows.

Vinudegreb Fix
Window handle fix

Fix83. Additional purchase for side guided as well as side hung windows.

Drejekip Greb Standard
Tilt-turn handle

Standard handle for tilt and turn windows.

Drejekip Greb Aflåst
Tilt-turn handle with key

Lockable handle with pressure cylinder for tilt and turn windows. Additional purchases.

Drejekip Greb Spærre
Tilt-turn handle with restrictor

Handle with lock for tilt and turn windows. Additional purchases.


Customize your windows with accessories that fit exactly your needs

Below you will find a wide selection of different optional accessories that allow you to customize your windows to match your requirements for function, style and safety.

Klik Ventil
Click vent

Click vents can be mounted hidden in all outgoing windows so basic ventilation can be done without opening the window. Available in white/white, black/black and aluminium/aluminium. Additional purchases. 

Floating mullion

Loose post with edge girders can be selected in narrow 2- or 3-part side hung windows to obtain sufficient opening and to meet authority emergency rescue requirements. Additional purchases.

Træ Vandnæse
Wood - drip cill

Wood drip cap for the lower frame can be selected to adjust the window’s depth in existing sill. It can also be used for upper frame, especially in older multi-story properties to ensure water drainage from the exterior. Supplied only for wood elements. Additional purchase.


Here you will find accessories produced exclusiely for the Daylight-series. Wether you are looking for bars or handles, you can find it here and tailor the windows for your needs.

Daylight Sikringsbeslag (Vinduer)
Opening restrictor

Hidden oening restrictor which prevents the window from opening more than a few inches. The restrictor must be activate manually to fully open the window.
It prevents fall damage.
Can be added at additional costs.

Daylight Fingergreb+Snaplås
Finger handle

The finger handle can be combined with a snap-lock.
(see snap-lock below)


Daylight Standardgreb
Standard handle

For all Wood / Alu Daylight windows.

Daylight Aflåseligt Greb
Handle with lock

Handle with lock can be added at additional costs.

Click vent

The click valve enables discrete ventilation with closed window. It can be added at extra costs.


Door accessories

Choose between our wide selection of accessories in various colours and styles.

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